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In health care, bigger isn’t always better. Hospitals are merging without oversight and health systems are getting larger, but our care is getting more expensive and harder to access

Health care isn't just a business. 

Businesses prioritize profits. When health systems and hospitals acquire other hospitals and medical groups without oversight, they can cut services that are not considered profitable or are duplicative for the larger health system - but for patients, this can mean services are no longer available at their local hospital. 

Religious hospital chains are merging at alarmingly high rates. 

These religiously-affiliated hospital systems require the facilities that they purchase to adhere to their restrictions on the provision of reproductive and gender-affirming care, reducing access to vital care for California communities. 

Less competition in health care means higher costs.

Health prices in California have less to do with the cost of providing the care, the quality of care, or the health outcomes, than with the relative size and market power of health providers to be able to charge whatever they can.  

Merger oversight protects patients.

Legislative action, through the enactment of AB 1091 (Wood), would provide needed oversight to ensure public scrutiny over this harmful trend and ensure that when any hospital and health systems do merge, it is done in the best interest of the Californians they serve. 

The California State Legislature must act now to #ProtectCAPatients.